Sharon Spitz

Sharon wants what most fourteen year olds want - to get good grades, have fun with her friends, get invited to the best parties, and stay off the radar of truly nasty people like Nina Harper. One tiny problem - her braces are a mouthful of trouble! They're always doing weird, electro-magnetic stuff that draws attention to Sharon at the worst possible moments. It's a good thing she has amazing friends like Connor and Maria to help her navigate high school. Sharon's freshman year is nothing like junior high. Sharon now has to deal with being a 'niner' - the lowest form of life on the high school totem pole. Being Sharon Spitz isn't always easy, but if you're not who you are... who else are you going to be?

Maria Wong

Sharon's best pal Maria is a real 'rock'. Loyal and honest, Maria knows when to give Sharon a shoulder to cry on, and when to tell her to 'get over herself.' She'd do absolutely anything for Sharon. Maria loves extreme sports, and she's always trying to get her friends to join her - but Sharon and Connor don't share Maria's thirst for danger or her competitive streak. So Maria usually ends up whizzing down the snowboarding pipe on her own, while her friends cheer her on from a safe distance. Maria also happens to be brilliant in school, but she's no goody-goody. She and Sharon have been 'partners in crime' on more than one occasion!

  Connor MacKenzie

Connor has been Sharon's neighbour and friend since diaper days. Connor and Sharon enjoy all the same stuff. Thanks to his awkwardness, allergies and a touch of hypochondria, Connor has a reputation as an oddball - but Sharon and his good friends know that there's way more to 'the walking sneeze' than that. He's a whiz at science, believes in extra-terrestrial life, and he plays a wicked game of cards. And when it comes right down to it, Connor doesn't care what most people think of him. He's okay with himself. And as long as his friends are too, what's the problem?

Alden Jones

This guy is the height of cool. But the nicest thing about Alden is that he has no clue just how adorable he is. He's always stunned when he hears that girls think he's cute. "Me? Are you sure?" Like a lot of guys, Alden's into video games and sports. He's a talented hockey player, and he plays guitar in a band called "Mangled Metal" with his buddies Brock and Carmen. Alden is Sharon's first crush and her first boyfriend. She has good taste!

Brock Leighton

Brock is Alden's best buddy and co-founder of their band. He's the kind of guy who's always trying to get attention. If you drew a map of Brock's brain, there would be a corner for the band, a couple of parts labelled 'school' and 'sports' - then a great big chunk reserved for thinking about girls. He works really hard at his 'ladies man' persona, but he's not fooling anyone - especially not Maria. Brock's had a not-so-secret crush on Maria for a long time.

Nina Harper

Beautiful and vicious, Nina Harper is someone you do not want to cross. Sharon got on Nina's bad side many years ago. Ever since, Nina's been doing her best to wreck Sharon's life. Nina has all the money a kid could ever want, and a wardrobe that Sharon would give her right arm for. She's also smart enough to be at the top of her class. Not many kids actually like Nina - but there are quite a few who wouldn't mind being her. Loved by adults, feared by her peers - Nina Harper is a force to be reckoned with.

Dion (a.k.a. Mark Jones)

For Sharon, meeting Dion was the best thing to happen to her in grade nine. This eccentric senior was assigned to Sharon as a 'mentor' to help ease the transition into high school, but since then, Dion has become her close friend and confidant. His real moniker is 'Mark Jones' but he prefers to go by 'Dion' in honour of Celine Dion, the musical diva he adores. Sweet, flamboyant and funny, Dion has an outrageous personal style, and he always speaks his mind. He'd rather stand out than fit in - and Dion has no time for anyone who doesn't 'get' that. When Sharon gets too hung up on what other people think of her, Dion is the first to remind Sharon how cool she really is.

Helen Spitz

Sharon's mom Helen is one hard-working lady. Not only is she a successful psychologist who sees clients in her home office, she's also a single mother raising three kids. And despite having to juggle a lot of balls in the air, Helen is a great mom who does her best to stay 'in touch' with her kids. Sharon sums up her mom in three sentences. Means well, love her dearly, doesn't get it. Helen divorced Sharon's dad when Sharon was six, but her parents still get along really well.

Adam Spitz

Seventeen-year-old Adam is Sharon's gigantic older brother. Thanks to a recent growth spurt, Adam is going through a real awkward phase. Like most older brothers, Adam just loves to tease his little sister. But when Sharon really needs to talk to someone, Adam is a surprisingly good listener. Sharon and Adam go to the same high school, so if Sharon gets herself into a mess, Adam's sure to hear about it through the grapevine. But most of the time, he's happy to stay out of her business. When Adam's not at wrestling practice or working out on his home gym in the basement, he's usually hanging out with his petite, yoga-loving girlfriend, Hannah.

Josh Spitz

Ten-year-old Josh is a piano prodigy, and he spends a lot of time practising symphonies by various dead guys. Some day, Josh will definitely be a professional musician like his dad. Away from the piano, Josh is a totally average kid. He likes video games, fast food, and playing with the family dogs and cats. Sharon and Josh get along really well - except when he's having a bratty day. But basically, for a little brother...Josh is pretty cool.

  Richard Spitz

Having a dad who's a professional rock drummer is fun - except for the part about his being out on tour all the time. And since the divorce, it's been even harder for Sharon to spend time with her father. But Richard is determined to be the best dad he can be - so he keeps an apartment in Elkford, and he's made a few lifestyle changes so he won't be on the road as much. Which is great! But Sharon knows that whether he's in town or not, her Dad will always be there for her when she needs him.


MOISHE - Moishe is round, fluffy, and laid-back. His favourite pastime is sleeping - usually on whatever piece of clothing Sharon is planning to wear the next day. His favourite way to wake Sharon up is by sitting on her chest and breathing in her face.

LAWRENCE - Lawrence is sleek, athletic and curious. If there were an Olympic medal for running around with a paper shopping bag on his head - he'd win. His favourite hobby is picking holes in Helen's brand new pantyhose.

ROXIE - A sweet, petite cat, whose multicoloured stripes make for multicoloured hairballs. Her favourite hobby is hanging around while Sharon's using the computer - and hitting the delete key when she's not looking.

SAMSON - Samson is a handsome, gentle giant of a dog. He thinks of himself as a protector - but has a mortal fear of the vacuum cleaner. Loves to be hugged and fussed-over.

PIGGER - Having lived with a bigger dog all his life, Pigger has developed a big personality to compensate. He barks loudly, drools copiously and is usually very happy. He likes to nap at the bottom of the stairs, where everyone will trip over him.

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