Sharon's confidence plunges when she gets her braces attached. Will Alden still want to go to the dance with her now that she's a metal mouth? Nina assumes not and does everything in her power to convince Alden that she should be his date.


When Connor's appearance is radically transformed for the better after a session of acupuncture, Sharon has to question her new attraction to him. Does she really like him that way, or is she just being totally superficial?


When Sharon's braces open the lock to Maria's diary she can't help but read the private entries. When she discovers a list of negative character traits that seem to describe her, Sharon sets out to change her personality while re-evaluating her friendship with Maria. Even though Sharon eventually discovers that Maria's list was about Nina, she soon learns that you should never compromise yourself based on what other people think of you.


When Nina hires Dr. Spitz as her own personal therapist, Sharon feels misplaced and jealous. Why can't her own mom be as understanding with her as she seems to be with her patients? After defying her mother's request that she not attend a concert, Mom and Sharon have to find new ground to trust each other - and build the mother-daughter relationship they each crave.


When Alden gets Sharon an opportunity to work alongside him at a part-time job, Sharon learns more than she ever wanted to know about the meat packing business. Upset at what she considers to be unfair treatment towards animals, Sharon becomes a vegetarian - even if it might mean forfeiting her chances with Alden. Acting on a new value system isn't always easy.


When big brother Adam reveals that he feels helpless at forging a new romantic relationship Sharon takes it upon herself to give him a makeover. Her efforts only serve to turn both herself and Adam into something they're not, risking both of their relationships with the people they care about the most.


Sharon decides to confess her feelings of attraction to Alden by leaving a message on his cell phone. When the message is accidentally misdirected to Brock, Sharon unwittingly finds herself receiving new attention from him. Confused, Sharon assumes that Alden no longer likes her. Discovering the truth of the matter takes a while - and Sharon realizes that no boyfriend is worth having just to have one.


Sharon goes on her first date with Alden and ends up having to work like an employee in his family's restaurant. If that wasn't bad enough she gets her first period while they are rollerblading! Thinking that Sharon could be having an appendicitis attack, Alden (who has his own problems controlling a cracking voice) calls for an ambulance. Sharon has to find the strength to face Alden and come to terms with the changes happening in her body. When Sharon learns that Nina is jealous that she got her period first, she starts to wonder if there might be something worthwhile to "becoming a woman" after all.


Sharon has to deal with her conflicting feelings over her Mom's new boyfriend at the same time as welcoming a visit from her own Dad. An attempt to re-unite her parents after seven years of divorce fails and Sharon has to finally face reality - grown-ups aren't going to change things just because you want them to.


Attempts to modify their image and be cool fail miserably when Maria and Sharon try to audition for a local talent search. Maria steals a CD so she can impress an older hip hop crowd she wants to join and Sharon tries to shoplift an earring so she can replace the one she first borrowed from her mother, then lost.


Sharon is braces-free for 24 hours. To facilitate her goal of kissing Alden under peak conditions, she volunteers to baby sit Josh so that she can have a make-out party at her house (Connor is specifically excluded). All plans to secure the Alden kiss go haywire when Josh goes missing and Sharon must live up to the responsibility she assured her mother she was capable of.


Feeling like she's a loser at many of the things she tries at school, Sharon takes advantage of a daredevil opportunity when her braces kick start her mother's car. Taking the car out for a joy ride, Sharon and Maria make quite an impression on their friends. When the car finally hits an old maple tree, Sharon thinks she's doomed for a year of being grounded. She can't believe her luck when her mother assumes Adam is to blame for the damage. Sharon finally gains the cool reputation she initially sought - but at a price. Is it worth it?


An eighth grade overnight camping trip meets The Blair Witch Project Meets Survivor.

Maria and Sharon are upset when they learn that Nina has been assigned to their team. How will they possibly survive in the wilderness, let alone win the race, with her around? While Brock, Alden and Connor set out to prove that boys have more of what it takes to win at the survival game, Maria and Sharon do everything they can to overcome their biggest obstacle - the Nina factor. Things take a unique turn when Nina saves Sharon from an almost fatal fall from a suspension bridge. Sharon now feels totally indebted to Nina. This new loyalty puts a new strain on her friendship with Maria. Together, all our friends have to make it out of the woods - but not without learning more than they ever wanted to know about themselves and each other.

#14 MIAMI VICES - Written by Myra Fried

Irritated by her mom's constant rules, Sharon jumps at the chance to visit her dad in Miami where he's playing a gig. She assumes that life with Richard will be way more freewheeling and fun than what she is experiencing at home. Flirting with the idea of living with her dad permanently, Sharon does everything she can to fit in to her dad's lifestyle. When she gets drunk in an attempt to impress her dad's friends, Sharon quickly learns that her father's not as permissive as she thought.

#15 THE GOOD LIFE - Written by Susin Nielsen

Superstar singing sensation LEENA comes to Elkford to shoot her music video and Sharon, Connor and Nina are picked to be extras. Sharon can't believe her good fortune. She loves Leena. In fact, Sharon wishes she could be just like Leena. Wouldn't her normal, somewhat dull life be much better if she were rich and famous? Not necessarily. Sharon's illusion of fame is shattered when she sees first hand that a celebrity's life isn't all it's cracked up to be.

#16 THE ELECTION - Written by Melissa Clark

When Nina is impeached as school president, Sharon decides to run to fill her spot. Unfortunately, Brock decides to run, too. All is made worse by the fact that Alden, (Sharon's supposedly supportive boyfriend!) decides to be Brock's campaign manager. What starts as an exciting race turns into a flat out smear campaign…against Sharon! She is devastated to think that Alden could do this to her. When Sharon's braces help to reveal that Nina, not Alden, was behind the negative publicity, Sharon is finally able to win the school body over in an impassioned speech that confirms her true leadership abilities.

#17 ANGELS AMONG US - Written by Sean Reycraft

A Christmas gift exchange at school forces Sharon to confront her own lack of generosity when she pulls Nina's name from the hat. With Josh exploring their father's Jewish heritage, mom working overtime and a surprise visit from an unusual cousin, Sharon finds herself overwhelmed and confused. What are the holidays really about anyway? Sharon sets out to discover how her friends' families cope at this time of year and begins to realize that tolerance of each other's differences is a place to start.

#18 THE DISSECTION CONNECTION -Written by Myra Fried

Connor and Tally have officially broken up but not without hurt feelings. When Sharon learns that they're going to be dissecting frogs in Biology she feels alone in her opposition to the exercise. Determined to enroll others in her 'cruelty-free' plight she finally finds an ally in Tally. She is as passionate about animals as Sharon is. Maria and Connor not only react poorly to Sharon's newfound kindred spirit; they aren't as supportive of Sharon's politics as Sharon would like. Nor is the school administration. In a final attempt to save the lives of the frogs, Sharon and Tally go on a rescue mission…and end up having to pay a heavy price for their convictions.

#19 THE SECRET - Written by Alyse Rosenberg

Sharon is assigned the Teen Help Line for a community service project in her health class. When she gets a phone call that sounds suspiciously like Adam's girlfriend (complaining that her boyfriend's a make-out monster), Sharon takes it upon herself to cool her brother's hormones while at the same time wondering why Alden's won't heat up. Little does she know that Alden is obsessed with his own body odour problem.

#20. WHOSE LIFE IS IT, ANYWAY? - Written by Karen Moonah

Sharon wants her mom to trust her more, but when Sharon sets out to get a tattoo, Dr. Spitz has a hard time trusting her daughter's decisions. A psychologist, Dr. Spitz is confident that her parenting techniques will dissuade Sharon from following through with her plan. However, the harder Dr. Spitz maneuvers, the more determined Sharon is to prove her independence. At the same time, a different battle of wills is taking place between Sharon and Connor. When Sharon gives Connor a birthday gift of yoga classes, she refuses to take the hint that Connor's not as interested in this activity as she is.

#21 EASY WAY OUT - Written by Susin Nielsen

Obsessed with trying to anticipate Alden's every reaction to her, Sharon is drawn to the services of a psychic hotline. When some of Madam LaFaux's relationship 'premonitions' come true, Sharon starts to rely on her more and more. An upcoming test at school leaves Sharon undaunted. Why bother to study if Madam LaFaux can just feed her the answers? At the same time, Adam is intent on getting rich quick and doing everything from selling beauty products door to door to applying for a credit card under the name of his cat, Moishe Spitz. Together, Adam and Sharon meet with disastrous consequences. Each learns that no matter how enticing certain opportunities are - there's no easy way out of life's difficulties.

#22 TEACHER'S PET - Written by Melissa Clark

Maria thinks she's in love - with Mr. Riley, the substitute English teacher! Not only does she feel encouraged by his positive attention; she's convinced that they have tons in common. Sharon's efforts to steer Maria toward a more practical boyfriend - such as Brock - are met with disdain. When Mr. Riley asks Maria out for lunch on the weekend, even Sharon has to admit that something authentic could be going on. But is that appropriate? Adam convinces her that it's not - and Sharon goes to elaborate lengths to spy on Maria and Mr. Riley's 'date' to ensure that Maria is safe. What she discovers is that it's more than safe - it's a meeting of prized pupils gathering for a volunteer literacy program Mr. Riley has designed. While Sharon's braces contribute to almost burning down the restaurant, a devastated Maria has to come to terms with her embarrassing misunderstanding of Mr. Riley's attention.

#23 SKIPPING - Written by Alyse Rosenberg

Sharon, Maria, Alden and Brock (now collectively known as the garage band "Mangled Metal") skip school to audition for the Spring Jam Fest in a neighbouring city. Each gets away with pretending to be sick for the day - but know that they will be in deep trouble if they don't get home by day's end - when their parents come home. Still burning from being rejected as back-up singers for the band, Nina and Alyson are intent on not only proving that the group of friends are skipping - but on getting them into as much trouble as possible.

Things take a turn for the surreal when the gang, high on the success of their audition, takes the wrong bus home. They must overcome various obstacles, including Nina, to finally reach Elkford safe and sound - and in time. Brock is the only band member to get caught skipping- and as punishment is denied the opportunity to play in the Jam Fest. A disappointed group decides that if Brock can't play, none of them will either.

#24 CAMP KOOKALAH - Written by Susin Nielsen

After graduating 8th grade, Sharon and Maria head up to their favorite camp for the summer. When they get there, they learn that Sharon's been promoted to a Counselor in Training (CIT) leaving Maria behind with the campers. For as much as Sharon tries not to flaunt her new position of power in Maria's face, her efforts fail. When Maria's cabin tries to plan an avenging raid on the boys' cabin, Sharon feels compelled to blow the whistle on them - raids are against the rules and she's trying her best to win the award for best CIT. Maria and her cabin mates are furious and Sharon barely survives the fall out. Finally, Sharon decides that her friendship with Maria is far more important than her success as a CIT. She does everything she can to prove that she is cooler than her initial actions and finally wins Maria back - while also gaining the respect of the other campers.

#25 STORMY WEATHER - Written by Susannah Coneybeare

While Sharon is at camp Alden proves to be less than poetic or frequent in his letter writing - causing Sharon to worry that he is waning in his commitment to her as a boyfriend. When a new CIT, Jason, appears on the scene, both Maria and Sharon find themselves very attracted to him. Sharon wrestles with conflicting feelings about Alden while Maria considers Sharon's interest in Jason unfair. She encourages Sharon to seal her relationship with Alden in an effort to secure Jason for herself. However, when Jason accidentally causes Sharon to break a band on her braces, their subsequent trip to the dentist gives them opportunity to bond even further. Alden is left in the dust . A sailing regatta finally shows Sharon Jason's true colours and she realizes that Alden is indeed the guy for her.

#26 TWISTED - Written by Alyse Rosenberg

Sharon's end-of-summer vacation with her family turns disastrous when her dad, Richard, introduces them to his new girlfriend - Nina Harper's mother! Sharon can't believe that there's even a remote possibility that Nina could end up being her step-sister and she does everything in her power to prevent it. Unfortunately, Nina doesn't mind the situation as much as Sharon does. She sees this as the perfect opportunity to get close to Adam. Step siblings can date, can't they?

The harder Sharon tries to convince her family that Nina is baggage they don't want, the more Nina endears herself to them. Sharon is finally convinced that she must resort to Nina-like tactics to prove Nina's innate evilness. An attempt to frame her for stealing Adam's championship wrestling ring backfires and Sharon is left bearing the "bad girl" reputation. For Sharon, the entire holiday is her worst nightmare come true…

…until she wakes up in the orthodontist's chair and realize that it was all, indeed, a dream. Suddenly, Dr. Hertz's announcement that she will need to continue wearing braces throughout high school no longer seems like the worst fate a girl has to endure.

#27: "The Social Fabric"

Sharon and her friends start high school and ninth grade. Each of them is paired up with a senior mentor, and Sharon is matched with the most "unique" male in high school, Dion, an aspiring fashion designer. She must weigh the price of individuality v.s. popularity when challenged by Alden's mentor, Evie. Does she give up Dion as a friend so she can fit in?

#28: "14 Candles"

When Sharon overhears some misleading information from Nina, she's convinced her friends are planning her a surprise party for her 14th birthday. When the party doesn't happen and a date with Alden is all she gets, she can't help but feel disappointed and hurt Alden's feelings in the process. Alden starts to wonder if he needs the pressure of being a "boyfriend" right now.

#29: "Working Girl"

Sharon seeks independence and more money for stuff to maintain a "with it" image, so she takes a part-time job at Lifecycles. She soon finds out that working isn't as glam as she thought. When she's booked to work on the same day as the ski trip she's been saving up for - Sharon fakes sick. Getting caught and being fired is humiliating - but it makes Sharon realize she doesn't really want that kind of responsibility yet. Meanwhile, Connor is on a mission to "simplify" his life and get off the consumer track.

#30: "Dear Alden"

When Alden starts spending a lot of time with a cheerleader named Tess, Sharon feels threatened. She tries to prove to Alden that she has SO much more going for her than Tess - but when she finds them hanging out alone together at the Pick-a-Pita, she's sure she has failed. Sharon vents her hurt feelings in a letter that she never intends to send - but a glitch with her braces causes her letter to be posted on the school web site! Sharon tries to redeem herself by writing about her own flaws - but it's not enough to fix things with Alden, and they break up.

#31: Mommy Nearest

After discovering Sharon's accidental hit on an x-rated internet movie site, as well as her interest in Tony, one of Adam's friends, Helen decides to spend more time with her daughter to "guide her" through the maze of adolescent hormonal danger traps. Suddenly, Sharon feels like her mom's all over her private life - but she isn't allowed an opinion on her mother's relationship with David. As an antidote to all this (s)mothering, Sharon sneaks out to a house party. But the party is "wilder" than Sharon's comfortable with, so she settles for being the car-key holder. Helen catches Sharon at the party, but the two ultimately agree to cut each other some slack.

#32: The Friend Zone

Since their breakup, Sharon and Alden haven't seen much of each other. She thinks they're still friends - but what does it mean when he invites everyone else but her to join his pick-up hockey game? With step-by-step help from a teen magazine article, Sharon tries get back in the "Friend Zone" - and only succeeds in confusing and alienating Alden. So Sharon gives up on Alden and junks the "expert advice" - only to have fate intervene in an unexpected way. When Sharon comes through for Alden in a crunch, he forgives her, and Sharon realizes that their friendship is still a possibility.

#33: The Coolest

TV3 is looking for the "Coolest Teen in Elkford." As a joke, Sharon enters the free draw. But when her name is drawn as a finalist, Sharon has to submit to a slice-of-life video profile. Afraid to be exposed as the uncoolest teen on the planet, Sharon enlists Maria's help to pull off a cool image - if only for a day. Their plan works...until the camera crew follows her back to her Dad's place, and the fairy tale falls apart. When the crew makes fun of her goofy brothers and ex-rock and roller dad Sharon finally drops the "cool" act to defend them - on camera. It's Sharon's honesty and self-acceptance that ultimately wins her the prize.

#34: Skin Deep

Sharon's thrilled when Dion asks her to model in the school fashion show . However, when Nina makes a few catty remarks to her Sharon starts feeling insecure about her body and goes on a diet. During rehearsals, she befriends the kind, funny, overweight stage manager, Harrison. But when he asks Sharon out, she's taken aback, and invents a boyfriend to get out of it. What's wrong with her - why this hangup about fat? Sharon passes on Harrison as a boyfriend, which is probably her loss. But Harrison's own self-acceptance inspires her to dump the diet and look at herself in a more forgiving light.

#35: Grey Matters

Sharon is mortified when her visiting Grampy makes prejudiced remarks to Maria and her new boyfriend Cloud, who's Arab. She assures Maria that Grampy was joking...but Maria knows he wasn't. How can Sharon defend Grampy, unless deep down, she shares his views? Sharon gets worried. Could she be prejudiced? To prove that she's being fair, Sharon suppresses her dislike for Maria's new boyfriend - even though he doesn't treat Maria well. Eventually, Maria wises up and dumps Cloud, and Sharon comes to terms with her Grampy...the good stuff as well as the bad.

#36: Triangles

When Alyson's firefighter dad rescues Connor from a fire at LifeCycles, the two are brought closer by the trauma. This irritates Nina, who wants Alyson to focus on her role as "dresser" at Nina's dance recital. But when Alyson keeps seeking out Connor's company, Nina makes Alyson choose - it's her or the "losers" Alyson chooses Connor and the girls - to Sharon and Maria's dismay. They didn't ask for this cling-on! Nina pulls a stunt to humiliate Sharon and Maria for "brainwashing" her former friend - and the girls use their new "friend" Alyson (and her backstage pass) to retaliate against Nina at her dance recital. But the revenge goes horribly wrong - and Sharon and Maria realize that they've sunk even lower than their nemesis.

#37: Vanity Fur

A Sportswear company makes Maria an enticing offer - new snowboarding gear in exchange for promoting their new line of clothing. Maria accepts, although it bothers her that the clothing is all trimmed with real fur. Sharon can't believe Maria would stoop to this, but Maria thinks it's a fair trade-off. Why does Sharon want to wreck this for her? The two become entrenched in their positions. Things come to a head at the launch of the new line, where Maria is supposed to model the furry stuff - and Sharon plans a loud protest. But at the last moment, neither of them can go through with it. Maria takes a public stand against fur, and Sharon backs down for the sake of her friendship with Maria.

#38: Lorenza

Helen gives Sharon three days to find a good home for Lorenza, a stray dog she's found. After that, the dog has to go to the animal shelter. But finding Lorenza a home turns out to be more difficult than Sharon thought. The last person she wants to give the dog to is her enemy Nina - who seems intent on getting a dog just to impress Isaac. When Lorenza goes missing Sharon can't believe the help Nina offers and finally has to accept that there might be a side to Nina she doesn't know. When Lorenza is finally found Sharon admits that the dog might indeed be best off with Nina. In the meantime, Adam is also dealing with things he doesn't want to do - working as Maria's "butler" to raise money for the athletic council.

#39: Second Thoughts

It's been a while since Sharon and Alden broke up, but Sharon wonders if Alden still has feelings for her. When their English teacher puts on a play and casts Sharon and Alden as the romantic leads (who kiss!) Sharon gets her opportunity to see if Alden still holds a torch for her. Could it be possible that they could make another go of things?

#40 - Home Alone

David takes Helen on a long overdue vacation. When the housekeeper hired to spend the week with the kids quits unexpectedly, Sharon elects herself as the 'surrogate mom' to demonstrate to her mother that she is responsible and deserves a later curfew. But first she becomes 'hyper-responsible' and, then in an attempt to undo her 'wet blanket reputation', throws a party. Meanwhile, Sharon, Adam and Josh start out squabbling--but by the end of the week, they have united. Sharon discovers both a meaning for the word 'responsibility' as well as a deeper level of sibling closeness.

#41 - Miss Understanding

Sharon takes over the school newspaper advice column as the anonymous 'Miss Understanding'. When the column becomes a hit, Sharon becomes convinced of her advice-giving abilities and Nina takes advantage of the' anonymous' position and claims credit for it. When Sharon's 'words of wisdom' cause a rift between Brock and Alden--thereby breaking up the band-- Sharon has to undo the damage. And, if that weren't bad enough, Maria has just become Mangled Metal's unofficial manager. In the end Sharon realizes she needs to learn a lot more about life before she can go around giving advice.

#42 - For The Birds

Richard decides to get a 'day job' and Sharon is thrilled. No more traveling all the time! But when he starts to date Lauren, a TV3 executive, Sharon feels threatened anew. Except Lauren is terrific and Sharon can't find a reason not to like her…until she finds out about Lauren's pet parrot. The problem is that Sharon feels strongly about people taking exotic animals from their natural habitat and keeping them caged as pets. Therefore…should she keep quiet? She doesn't want to endanger her relationship with her dad and, as an added pressure, Maria is trying to get her to use Lauren's connections to help with Mangled Metal's career. But Sharon feels strongly about people taking exotic animals from their natural habitat and keeping them caged as pets. So in the end Sharon must settle for an imperfect solution and live with her conflicted feelings about a potential new stepmother.

#43 - Oh, Grow Up!

Sharon's and Adam's argument about their future occupations leads Sharon to play a joke on her brother that results in him apprenticing at a funeral home. He's not very good at it, but Sharon--who should be a natural at her veterinary clinic--can't handle the trauma when an animal she was tending to dies. It seems her dream of being a vet is not meant to be. But Adam, having acquired some new skills at the funeral home, comforts, counsels and consoles his grief-stricken sister-which makes Sharon realize that one day she still may become a vet. Meanwhile Josh tries to subvert expectations by examining other possible career paths instead of the one everyone thinks he'll follow; music.

#44 - Genesis

It's March Break. Helen's best friend from high school returns to Elkford with her daughter, Genesis. The young lady is Sharon's age, but Sharon isn't at all enamoured at the prospect of having to spend all her time 'babysitting' a stranger. But Genesis turns out to be a charming, magnetic, charismatic personality and in short order all of Sharon's friends--including Dion, are drawn to the fascinating newcomer. Before long Sharon feels taken for granted and like an outsider in her own inner circle--until she learns her friends really do care about her, and that the grass is indeed always greener on the other side.

#45 - Nina's Nose Job

Sharon mistakenly assumes Nina got a nose job during March break and her innocent gossip snowballs out of control, ruining a public relations opportunity for Nina. But when it's revealed that the nose job was just an incorrect assumption on Sharon's part, Nina manages to milk the ensuing press coverage to her advantage. Meanwhile Maria tries--but isn't able-to tell Connor that bad breath might be an impediment to his blossoming romance with Alyson.

#46 - Baby Think-About-It

Each student in Sharon's social studies class is given a high-tech baby-doll as part of a project on 'parenting'. Sharon thinks that when she grows up she'll be a great mom who will also be able to do anything and everything she wants; in other words, she'll "have it all". For the first while, she does well. But things start to get a little strained as she tries to balance 'parenting' with her other responsibilities-like looking after her pets, working at the vet's and trying to have a social life. When she becomes hyper-vigilant about the 'baby' Sharon doesn't notice a toddler feed Pigger chocolate in the park and soon she's at the vet's-on the 'other side of the counter' with a very sick pooch. As she stays up all night to watch her beloved pet, she realizes that looking after something you love is not a game and that you'd better be an adult before you have a child.

#47 - Ms. Spitz Goes to Warsh and Stone

Sharon goes on a free tour of a cosmetics company and discovers that they conduct animal testing. After several failed attempts to speak with the company presidents, Sharon tries to encourage people at school to boycott Warsh and Stone cosmetics in favour of cruelty-free products. Unfortunately, most students are apathetic towards Sharon's new cause. Surprisingly, Brock offers to help Sharon organize a protest on the factory doorsteps. Meanwhile, Josh starts playing music on the street in order to save money for a fancy new suit for his upcoming recital.

#48 - When In Rome…

Sharon, Maria and Brock are part of a cultural immersion trip to Italy. As luck would have it, Rome is the home of Maria's maternal grandparents. Once there, the girlfriends clash. Maria embraces her heritage and roots and starts to behave in an old-fashioned, moralistic way while Sharon just wants to have fun--preferably with some cute young Italian guy. And she does--with Marcello, her Italian fantasy come true! At the same time Brock gets into the people and history of the place, thereby showing another side to Maria and bringing them closer. Things come to a head when he and Maria stay out too late and ignite her grandparents' wrath. When they blame Sharon as a 'bad influence', Maria comes to her friend's defence.

#49 - Pegged

In an effort to prove she's not such a "girly-girl" Sharon decides to form an all girl rock group for a battle of the bands contest sponsored by a 'girls' magazine. Dion, thrilled at the opportunity to design their outfits, jumps on board, but when Mangled Metal hears about the gender limitations they are outraged. As a result, they decide to disguise themselves as females so they can enter the contest as well--and win the expensive music equipment. So as the girls take a walk on the masculine side (I'm not sure that joining a rock group is necessarily a masculine thing to do), the guys dress like Britney Spears wannabes and call themselves the Mangled Petals. Hilarity ensues when everything comes out in the open at the concert - literally.

#50 - Aliens

Brock and Maria start to play pranks on each other. The practical jokes catch on and soon everyone joins in on the 'fun'. Feeling left out, Sharon becomes desperate to be part of the crowd. Then she has an idea to play a practical joke on Connor--using a secret he confided to her years ago--he's afraid of scary bugs! Sharon scares him with a rubber cockroach and it goes over big with everyone. That is, everyone except Alyson and Connor who is furious and feels betrayed. Sharon tries to 'jolly' him out of his mood--she was sure he'd gotten over it--but Connor doesn't forgive her. And later Sharon gets upset when she discovers that Connor has divulged one of Sharon's minor secrets to Alyson. Now both injured parties start to feel as if they've outgrown each other and decide their friendship is officially over. In the end they both realize that their relationship doesn't have to disappear--it just has to change.

#51 - When In Elkford…

Sharon, the only one in her crowd who's not half of a couple, overcompensates by raving about her romantic Italian boyfriend, Marcello. So when he announces he's coming to visit, she's over the moon. And when he arrives, everything is great! But not for long; his 'European-ness' doesn't translate well to North America. Instead of being romantic and poetic, he just seems dorky and cornball. In an effort to recapture what they had, Sharon tries to make Marcello over into a more North Americanized version. When that doesn't work, she tries to avoid being alone with him. But Marcello doesn't take the hint. Then she tries to turn him off by making herself unattractive. When her scheme fails, Sharon is forced to hire 'Dirty Work', a project that Adam and his pals started for their Economics Class. Their service is to do the deeds someone can't do on their own. But when the 'Dirty Work' messenger accidentally gives Connor the message, he thinks Alyson is trying to break up with him. Now Sharon finally has to tell Marcello the truth and though he's heartbroken, he helps Sharon get Connor and Alyson back together by staging a faux Italian romantic dinner for the couple.

#52 - Bored

Feeling bored with her life, Sharon is looking for a major change in routine. When her dad announces that he's moving in with his girlfriend Lauren, Sharon doesn't react as negatively as her brothers. In fact, Sharon is excited by the hip downtown loft and lifestyle. When she discovers that Lauren's fifteen-year-old son has been kicked out of boarding school and is moving in with her as well, Sharon thinks her days of boredom are over. Drawn to Griffin's edginess and the rebellion he represents, Sharon decides she wants to move in with her dad and Lauren as well. She soon discovers that the grass isn't always greener on the flip side of the divorce coin. Not only is Sharon uncomfortable with her new lifestyle, Griffin doesn't prove to be such a cool new friend either.


Brock writes a school play, Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde. Sharon and Nina audition for the title role(s), but Nina wins the lead because her evil Ms. Hyde is so genuinely convincing - and Sharon is assigned the part of understudy. So Sharon tries to get Nina to drop out of the play by taking advantage of Nina's superstitious streak. Unfortunately, things go even better than Sharon had planned.


Sharon and Connor are teamed on a science project/contest that Connor really wants to win. Since science isn't her strongest subject Sharon feels she's dragging Connor down and jeopardizing his chance of victory. So when she accidentally obtains some crucial information that thrusts their team into the lead, she's reluctant to clear up the confusion.


When Sharon demonstrates a natural talent for psychological insight, she suggests Maria join the boys' hockey team to improve her game. Then Sharon becomes the unofficial team shrink by helping other players with their psychologically based playing problems. But when Maria has second thoughts about remaining on the boys' team, Sharon puts her own agenda ahead of her friend's.


When a hockey puck bonks Alden on the head, he suddenly thinks that he and Sharon are still a couple. Following doctor's orders to "not shock his system", Sharon and the rest of the gang go along with the deception until Alden 'comes to his senses'. But Marlo grows unhappy and impatient seeing her boyfriend cuddling up to Sharon - while Sharon is surprised to find that she's kind of enjoying the walk down memory lane.


When Sharon was younger she dropped out of ballet class. After realizing that she's still passionate about the artform and regrets having quit, she decides to start taking lessons again. But the only job she can find to pay for them is as a clown. The problem is that she has become a very klutzy ballerina - but is a natural born buffoon.


After Sharon is mistaken for being "13 and under" once too often, she determines that it's because some other girls her age are better developed. So Sharon buys a pump up bra to give Mother Nature a hand. After an initial thrill at all the extra attention her new fuller figure is receiving, she discovers that her more mature look comes with its own unique set of problems.


When her English teacher compliments Sharon on her poetry, Sharon decides to perform at a local poetry slam. And she's a hit until Adam - at Sharon's urging - also performs. His natural talent gets even more attention, immediately eclipsing her moment in the sun. Not only that, Adam needs Sharon's help for inspiration, but eventually Sharon isn't so sure she wants to help if it's at her expense.


Sharon makes the double mistake of thinking that Dion is lonely and that she knows him better than he knows himself. With those two pieces of misinformation in hand, she sets out to match him up with a seemingly likeminded guy that she just met. But things don't go smoothly and she almost jeopardizes her friendship with Dion.


Mangled Metal needs to rehearse and finish a new song for an important performance that night. So Sharon runs a seemingly simple errand for the band while an exhausted Maria gets some well-deserved rest. Unfortunately Sharon has to baby-sit David's twins while she does the errand and she botches it. Then the band starts to argue amongst themselves and it looks as if they'll break up before that night's performance. But rather than wake Maria up, Sharon scrambles to undo all the damage so her friend can get some much-needed sleep.


Sharon is feeling dull, ordinary and unadventurous. And worst of all, her friends see her that way, too. So when a quirky substitute-student teacher encourages Sharon to be more free-spirited, Sharon embraces a new spontaneity. But as she grows closer to the teacher she begins to alienate her friends. Soon she learns that it's a fine line between being free-spirited and eccentric.


When Sharon's expected prom date doesn't materialize, Lauren arranges another 'date'; Taylor Knight, a pop star who's passing through town on a promotional tour, will escort her to the formal as part of a TV3 publicity stunt. At first Sharon is ecstatic about this sudden turn of events. The singing idol is one of Sharon's faves! But she ultimately discovers that everything comes at a price.


Adam desperately wants Hannah's father to like him. Sharon discovers that Mr. Corbett is a duck conservationist, and at her urging Adam starts 'talking ducks' with Mr. Corbett - who suddenly, and finally, takes a shine to Adam. So when Mr. Corbett asks Adam to join his duck conservancy organization, Adam happily agrees. Sharon is delighted for her brother - until she discovers the duck organization is not exactly what it appears to be.


Ever since Griffin has gotten a new girlfriend he's been nicer and better behaved. So Sharon is extremely curious who this girl is - until she discovers it's Nina! Nina puts her best foot forward and really impresses Lauren and Richard. But Sharon thinks that Nina is destined to break Griffin's heart, and ignoring the couple's apparent happiness, she sets out to break them up.


Sharon is thrilled to land a job at the new medieval theme restaurant. But delight turns to dread when she learns her father works there too - as a wandering minstrel! This isn't exactly the cool, rock musician she's invited to her school's 'career day'. Sharon tries to avoid embarrassment by 'un-inviting' Richard to school but then Nina and her family show up at the restaurant for dinner and Sharon's plans start to unravel! She decides that unless she can get the Harpers out of the restaurant before Richard's act, she'll never live down the humiliation at school.


Sharon is on her way to Dr. Hertz's when she meets Tracy, also on her way to the dentist. Tracy is worried she may need braces and that becoming a 'metal mouth' will destroy any chance of a having a boyfriend! In an effort to calm Tracy down, Sharon recounts the highs and lows that braces have played in her social life - with Alden front and center in her story.


Nina's cousin, Petra, casually admits to the long ago 'crime' of ripping the heads off Nina's dolls. Nina had always accused Sharon of this, but now knowing the truth, Nina initiates a truce with Sharon. Sharon is reluctant, but she goes along; it could mean the end of Nina's abuse. But then Sharon learns the only thing worse than being Nina's enemy - is being her friend!


Sharon is mistakenly invited to a cottage with Alden, Marlo, Maria and Brock. When she discovers the truth and that Alden and Marlo have some relationship 'issues' to work out, she tries her best to give everyone - especially Alden and Marlo - their space! But Sharon's attempts only make things worse and the weekend doesn't turn out as planned.


Sharon is bummed! There just don't seem to be any appealing guys: they're all immature, dumb or gross. But then she meets Pablo, who seems the perfect guy - until Sharon learns he's only 12 years old! Now Sharon must reconcile her romantic feelings with the fact that Pablo's younger, while hiding his age from Alden and Brock - who could humiliate her for the rest of her life!

#71. - A DOG'S LIFE

Pigger is offered an audition to be a pet food 'spokes-dog'. Sharon is flattered and hesitant - Pigger doesn't seem the show-biz type! But Pigger gets the part and is to be coached by the famous canine expert, Bitsy Langford, so Sharon gives up control of her pet to Bitsy. The ad campaign is a big success so Pigger is invited on tour and Sharon reluctantly agrees to this, too, but then learns there are times to trust an 'expert'…and times to trust gut feelings.


Sharon, Maria and Connor are desperate to raise money for a charity drive. When all attempts fail, Sharon and Maria decide to ask Connor if they can use his anniversary surprise for Alyson as their charity event. Connor says no - his domino-run is for Alyson's eyes only. Eventually he agrees but Sharon's braces prematurely trigger the run and Alyson misses the whole event! Sharon is upset and wants to make it up to Connor. But how?


Sharon is helping Dion with the local ballet company wardrobe. She's too busy to help with Lauren's game show pilot, in which father-daughter teams compete. But Richard wants to help so he accepts an offer from Nina to be his TV 'daughter'. When Sharon finds out, she's jealous and it's too late to team up with Richard, so she pairs up with her mom's boyfriend, David, instead! So obsessed with winning, Sharon ignores David and almost jeopardizes the game.


Sharon is preparing an audition for a summer job at Elkford Pioneer Village. But Maria and Connor aren't as supportive as she thinks they should be. Then Sharon meets Winnie, who has just transferred to their school. Winnie is totally supportive and encouraging of her new friend - and Sharon really appreciates it. Until she realizes Winnie may have a secret agenda…

#75. - 23'S A CROWD

When Sharon's cat, Moishe, accidentally gets out, Sharon tracks him to the home of the reclusive woman down the street and, surprisingly, bonds with her. But when Sharon tries to help with Miranda's menagerie of twenty-two cats, Animal Control finds out and confirms Miranda is breaking a city by-law. Now it's up to Sharon - who was only trying to help - to make things right, before the city takes most of Miranda's cats away.


When TV3 announces a contest for a Best New Band Video, Sharon and Maria agree that Mangled Metal should submit a tape. So they recruit all their friends to help make the video. Sharon will write, Maria will direct and Alden will be the star. But once they all get on set, 'creative differences' divide the gang, threatening to tear both the band and friendships apart.


Sharon's wiped from eating badly between exams and homework. The doctor tells her she's anemic and needs more iron in her diet. He suggests she go back to eating meat and Sharon is horrified. Vegetarianism is very important to her! And the only one who seems to understand is Cody, a great guy that Sharon has just met. Even though he's a meat-eater, he's totally sympathetic to her problem - until Sharon finds out he isn't as honest as he appears to be.


Sharon, Maria, Alden and Brock go away to Enviro-Camp and Sharon thinks one of the counselors, Alex, likes her. Sharon likes him - a lot! But unknown to Sharon, Alden has come to realize that he still has deep feelings for her. And the more Alden tries to let Sharon know how he feels, the more she thinks that Alex just might be the guy for her.

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